Hank The Beer Tank Forget cans in a cooler — take the freshest beer possible with you this summer with Hank The Beer Tank. This portable kegerator runs off any power source, including the DC outlets in your car, and holds either a sixtel keg or 5 gallon homebrew keg.

A digital thermostat and advanced compressor provide precise temperature management, and the collapsable draft tower ensures it'll fit in your trunk/backseat/party wagon.

Our History

Sebastian and Adam met years ago in Washington, DC playing on the same recreational soccer team. They quickly became best friends enjoying brewing beer, sports, music, traveling, and talking and drinking all things craft beer.

Their passion for partying and craft beer drove them to devise ways to share cold, delicious, quality draft beers with great people in locations that weren’t always keg friendly. Thus, Hank the Beer Tank was born, a portable kegerator that is the result of genius engineering and willing pre-production product testers at multiple beer friendly venues in DC and Florida.

Adam brings a decade of experience in draft beer equipment along with the tinkering prowess to build two Hank prototypes and evolve Hank to his current glory. Sebastian is the outreach guru, who has introduced Hank to breweries and beer festivals up and down the East Coast.