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Beer in Assia

I know all visitors are beer lovers. And who does not? Beers are the oldest and most common alcohol in the world. In here, the US we have most beer made from barley. But are you curious what kind of beer Asian have? We will find out below.

Many theory believe that beer origin is from Ancient Middle East because of the early domestication of cereal and bread production here. And you know what, beer was produced as long as 3500 BCE here, lucky how we got the hang out of it. But there’ll always be an Asian better than you, Chinese has fermented alcoholic drinks since 7000 BCE!

There are some tips that can help you to brew beer in an easy way. You can follow the tips to add an extra flavor in your beer.

Beer brewing is now a blooming industry in Asia, with China as the world's biggest beer producer since 2001. In particularly Asia, the global largest beer-producing region, we have some impressive number: China (46.5 million kiloliters), Japan (5.5 million kiloliters), Vietnam (3.1 million kiloliters), Thailand (2.3 million kiloliters), South Korea (2 million kiloliters) and India (1.9 million kiloliters)

After my trip to Vietnam and Thailand, I am totally in love with the beer there.

In Vietnam they have “bia hoi” (I think it pronounces beer hoy), and it’s a unique taste of very light draft lager made in small batches at the local. Come to the country, and in the afternoon, men sit on plastic stool and laugh and chat about work and life. The atmosphere is like an outdoor pub, and much more freedom. Popular Vietnamese beer producers are: Sabeco Brewery with Saigon Beer and 33 Beer; Vietnam Brewery Ltd, a joint-venture of Heineken Asia Pacific in Vietnam, which produces Heineken, Tiger Beer and Larue Beer; and Habeco, who produces Hanoi Beer and Truc Bach Beer. Saigon Beer is the most well-known. Hue Brewery Ltd, has Huda Beer and Dai Viet, the only commercial black beer in Vietnam.

For one thing backpackers would go crazy about rather than anything, it will definitely be cheap beer. Thailand has that charm, while it might not always taste as great as variety of brands the appear, Thai beer is also light and plentiful. Goes well with local dishes, just think twice before ordering it in a western restaurant. You can try iconic brands like Singha (actually pronounces sing), Chang, Leon. You find a lot of beer in Thailand that has collaboration with foreign company. That’s because the government limits the importation of beer, and all the imported has to have a label on top of the cap. So partnerships with Western brewers are very common with Thai brand.