Hank The Beer tank

Hank The Beer Tank Forget cans in a cooler — take the freshest beer possible with you this summer with Hank The Beer Tank. This portable kegerator runs off any power source, including the DC outlets in your car, and holds either a sixtel keg or 5 gallon homebrew keg.

A digital thermostat and advanced compressor provide precise temperature management, and the collapsable draft tower ensures it'll fit in your trunk/backseat/party wagon.

Beer sometimes is so favorable and special that it becomes one of what the country is famous for. That said, it’s hard not to mention Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic when we talk about beer, or more specifically where to taste the best beer in the world. If you have the chance to visit these countries, you will find a countless numbers of bars, coffee shop (with beer offered mostly) and your favorite type of beer, one in dozens of alternatives.

In many countries, drinking beer is not only a hobby, it’s called a culture that existed and thrived through time. The term ‘beer culture’ is normally understood in the presence of the drinking culture of a particular country. Around the world, the ways people produce, drink or consume beer are very different from each one another. For example, while the Belgian usually has beer in coffee shops, the Vietnamese like to have it in an open-spaced beer shops even right next to the sidewalk. Or while in some Western countries, you can find hundreds of beer choices, you can just find one or two in a country, mostly in the names of big worldwide brands like Heineken or Tiger.

There have been so many interesting topics around beer listed for beer lovers to hop onto such as best beers in the world, beers for different times of life, or best cities to travel for beer. That explains the lifetime value and attraction of this number-one alcoholic drink to us.

Such as:
Thailand: The fact that the brewer likes to go on vacation to Thailand is the only reason this beer is available here. Hopsession provided two kegs of the lovely stuff.

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